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The 8 hectares estate is planted exclusively with Gamay grapes in the Moulin à Vent appellation.

The terroirs are among the most famous of the appellation:

  • Moulin à Vent « Champ de Cour »
  • Moulin à Vent « Clos du moulin »
  • Moulin à Vent « Le moulin à vent » " (Windmill)
  • Moulin à Vent « La Rochelle »
  • Moulin à Vent « Gros Vosges »

2/ "The Moulin à Vent" appellation


The 278 meter high windmill (Moulin-à-Vent), surrounded by vineyards, dates back to the 15th century and is a classified historical monument. It represents the prestige and pride of the appellation. The appellation is small (640 hectares) and straddles two villages, between Burgundy and the Rhône. After a few years, the wines develop aromas of iris, faded roses, spices, ripe fruits, undergrowth and truffles; they are structured and elegant. Younger wines are floral and fruity, with aromas of violet and cherry.

Romanèche-Thorins and Chénas

Unlike the other appellations, don't look for "Moulin-à-Vent" on a map, you won't find it! Indeed, the vineyards that produce this appellation are located in the villages of Romanèche-Thorins (71) and Chénas (69).

Carte des terrois de l'appellation Moilin à Vent dans le Beaujolais